Feeling Blue

Sometimes we just feel a need for BLUE.

And right now I want to totally surround myself with it. I find I am craving all types of blues, especially rich saturated royal and peacock blues. It could be because it’s winter and the cold season is starting to feel endless, or it could be because over the past year I’ve lost so many loved ones, but, yes, I admit, I do feel slightly blue…

There is something completely pure and soothing about blue, like a warm and cozy blanket. One of the three primary colors, blue is a cool color, said to give an impression of calm.

See for yourself and let me know how this BLUE post affects you!


BlueFlowers via purpletugboat.tumblr.com
Peacock Blues via LittleBlueDeer.com

Blue also has mysterious and mystical connotations. The darker blues remind one of the deeps of the ocean, where hardly any natural light passes through. Mysterious sea creatures live in these depths. Lighter blues are associated with the purity of a clear blue sky or the transparent qualities of water. In Christianity, The Virgin Mary is often associated with the color blue. Many Gods in Hinduism are depicted as having blue like skin. In Judaism, tips of the fringes of the prayer shawl include a blue thread. In these three examples, the color blue serves as a vessel to bring one closer to the sky (Where the Spiritual is believed to reign) and the clear transparent waters (purity).

Ocean and Sky via Xantheose.tumblr
Blue skinned VishnuBlue skinned Vishnu via Google.com

One of my favorite winter season pleasures is the blue and purple shadows cast against white snow. Alas, snow has not been a part of our winter here in New England this year.

Chen Chun Zhong Painting via http://www.inkdancechinesepaintings.com


Winslow Homer Painting, “Sleigh Ride” (reproduction) via http://www.1st-art-gallery.com

And now, blue used in interiors:

Axel Vervoordt Dining Area via axel-vervoordt.com


Martha Stewart via marthastewartweddings.com


Old World Tapestry on English Settee via http://eclecticrevisited.com
Liza Bruce and Nicholas Alvis Vega Morrocan bathroom via ELLE DECOR
Blue Living Room via House Beautiful.com
Designers Carrier and Company via ELLE DECOR
West Elm Assortment of Blue Objects via West Elm

I enjoyed sharing my BLUE crush with you and hope this post will inspire you to add some blue to your surroundings or color palettes.

Warm wishes!

6 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. Dear Elza B (the “B” must stand for blue today),
    What a lovely post. The last few days I’ve been reminiscing about the kitchen of my youth. I still live in the house although the kitchen has changed just a bit. The ceiling was painted blue, a light turquoise blue. My father actually “had to have” the blue ceiling. Years later, I knew another person, a man of a similar age as my dad, who “insisted” their kitchen ceiling be painted blue. I always think of it as being an “old fashioned” style. Now, I’m thinking I’ll paint the ceiling blue…

  2. I always choose blue for my own bedroom, having grown up in the Med makes this a natural choice. Evoking lovely memories of warm blue skies and the calm blue sea. :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

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