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Ever since I’ve been a child, I have been incredibly moved by what my eyes allow me to see. All that is visible triggers a strong sensory experience in me: the shape of a floating cloud in a darkening sky, the smooth face of a baby against the shine of its eyes, the wondrous delicate insides of flowers. Beauty is everywhere. The down side of being so attuned to what one sees, is that as visual thinkers, we tend to be easily distracted by a shocking image, which can stay imprinted in our minds forever! A childhood traumatic memory, a violent image in the news: these can resonate very strongly with us.

Today’s post is about what associations come to my mind as I see something that captures my eye. Without further ado, I present to you our magical world and its many inspirations…

Fairfield Porter Painting

This dreamy and calm image evokes a sense of play. One is on vacation, at the seaside on a quiet grey day. The dog is at the door, alive and tail wagging. But, what can I create with this image? A soothing color scheme for an interior using pale greens, blues, white and grey. This what I associate this scene with:

A country armoire with glass doors in pale grey via
Cloud Stool via
Mack Lamp via
Pillows by Sarah Foote via
Green Garden Chairs via


Japanese Trees Fabric by Timorous Beasties


Duralee Fabric 42132-665

And…I could not resist a photography of man (or woman’s) best friend

Photo with dog via Pinterest -Source Unknown

And so it goes…I could go on and on!

Another example:

When I pinned this photo via Pinterest, I immediately began thinking it would be a great color inspiration for a room. Here are some thoughts that pop to mind. Bookworm, soft, feminine, restful, nostalgic. And now a few images that may bring us to see this photo translated into a style :

Dresser and Rose via
Sofa via
Jason Home Bench via
Night Sky silk fabric by Barbara Barry for Kravet
Tempo Velvet Pillow via
Crystal Chandelier
Georgia O’Keeffe Painting


Putting a Face on: A Style for this Inspiration via

Hope you enjoyed. This was fun! A bientôt!


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