Found a Chair for my Amazing Intern!

Well. Maya is here. My life is transformed :-) Having an intern is fantastic. Especially when you luck out and get to mentor someone as nice and helpful as this young lady. Last post, I was about to purchase her desk. I finally found a great chair to pair it with:

West Elm Scoop Back Chair
Maya on the new WEST ELM chair, hard at work sorting paint samples next to a bouquet of lilacs from the garden.

Maya is good at math. She helped me calculate an angle on a very difficult project and I was quite impressed! We are enjoying our work together :-)

2 thoughts on “Found a Chair for my Amazing Intern!

  1. We have bought two of those tables and both were not stable, and west elm has stopped carrying them. We like the look and would like to get a new one , any ideas on where to find one?

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