Kravet, a Family Owned Gem-Blogfest 2012

Let it be said: Kravet, Inc. is a unique company, built on hard work, impeccable craftsmanship and a love of textiles.

I urge you to watch the following Informational video created by Kravet:

History of Kravet:


Offering beautiful textiles, trimmings, carpet and furnishings to the Design Industry, Kravet is indispensable to Interior designers worldwide. Thanks to them, we have access to many wonderful textile lines, including the Kravet Fabrics lines. Some of these brands owned by Kravet are : Lee Joffa, GP & J Baker, Groundworks and since 2011, Brunschwig & Fils. Numerous famous designers have their fabric designs distributed by Kravet: Thom Filicia, Barbara Barry, Alexa Hampton, Kelly Wearstler, Calvin Klein, Windsor Smith, to name a few!

Not only are the Kravet Group’s textile collections superb and varied, but the company works closely with the Interior Design Community, creating events such as Blogfest 2012 or giving back to meaningful Causes such as DIFFA – Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

While attending Blogfest 2012, we were invited to tour the Kravet Offices and take a look behind the scenes.

We started our tour with Steve Pravda and Sarah Richardson, who showed us how a fabric pattern, in its creative phase, is edited on a computer to find the best color matches, and to create ideal colorways (different colors a pattern can be declined in). A cloth strike off is printed to look at how the repeat (the section of the pattern that is repeated endlessly on the bolt of fabric, comes out on fabric before okaying production.

We saw very large printers capable of printing a full yard of fabric on paper to visualize the repetition of the repeat. Sarah explained how calender machines are used to iron transfer the drawing on a fabric.

By that point, it was clear to us that a lot of thinking and tweaking happens before a pattern is considered ready for fabrication. Later on during the tour, we learned that different mills are called upon depending on what design and material is to be used. An embroidery may be fabricated in India while a block printed fabric may be created in Thailand, for example. Some mills have their own design studios. Did you know it takes between 18 months to 2 years for a new fabric to be created, from the creative phase to the actual fabrication?

Marketing and Merchandising are crucial in the diffusion of the brands.

Beth Greene, Marketing VP for Kravet and mastermind behind Blogfest 2012, shared with us exciting news: Kravet will be launching a new website any day now! This new interface will allow designers to map furniture to fabric, navigate a very user friendly searchable data base, create and work on design project folders that can be saved online!

Beth Green, VP of Marketing at Kravet, Inc.

Merchandising is a vital part of a successful company such as Kravet. A lot of thinking and preparation goes behind showcasing the products and renewing the selections displayed in showrooms. Kravet will ask showrooms for wish lists and feedback on how products are doing, how they could be improved and what the designers are saying. Sales will be analyzed, data collected. Showrooms are completely renewed every 18 months while slight but visible changes are made all throughout the year to freshen up the presentation of fabrics and furnishings in the showrooms. Easy changes might be new decorative pillows or simply a different way of coordinating fabrics next to one another.

Harmonious color groupings are key.

I had no idea that merchandising specialists had such a strong role to play in staging the future displayed collections in different showrooms across the country. Here, Carl, demonstrates how the boards behind him represent different showrooms  in their creative stages :

Merchandising Expert, Carl, demonstrates how he plans for showroom merchandising in advance.
A showroom board in its preparatory phase. An autocad illustration sets the direction the showroom will take, with new furniture layout and fabric selections.

Other interesting facts I learned:

Groundworks of Lee Joffa is coming out with an extensive line of Outdoor fabrics with groundbreaking metallics and embroidery.
Trimmings and Window Hardware need not be old fashioned and boring: Check out these gorgeous Calvin Klein Trimmings!
Window Hardware.
Inspiration Boards play a big role in creating new collections, as in the Fashion Industry.

People at Kravet care deeply and show lots of passion about the industry and company they work for:

Joy is palpable in the Hospitality Department.
David and his team were so excited to share their passion in the Brunschwig & Fils Office!

Thank you, Kravet, for such an amazing tour! It was a real treat!


5 thoughts on “Kravet, a Family Owned Gem-Blogfest 2012

  1. The preparatory boards you photographed look like those of an interior designer. Kravet experiments with complementary patterns and colors to arrive at the extraordinary fabrics I find. In fact, I will use a Kravet textile this very month. The patterns, colors and texture go with antique, traditionnal environment as well as more modern decor. I am not surprised to see how long this preparatory stage can take when I see how long interior decorators can take to find the right palette and textures for a room.
    Thank you for sharing with us, Elza

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