Brizo in Memphis, A Fab Factory & Party!

In my last post, I wrote about my trip to Memphis with Brizo and our visit at St. Jude Children Research Hospital. In this chapter, I want to relay what I learned and saw at the Delta Faucet Company Factory, which produces Brizo faucets in Jackson, TN (Delta is the mother company of the Brizo brand).

There is something very exciting about meeting the hands and people behind products we install on our design projects. Designers are a manufacturer’s best audience: we are total nerds when it comes to how products are made! We love it when furnishings brands take the time to walk us around their factories! We ask lots of questions, and ooh and aah a lot. If we can clap, we do!

As far as I can remember, I have always loved understanding the behind the scenes of how things are made. I was in for a real treat in Jackson. We toured the factory, met the workers (who wore the coolest black Brizo T-Shirts to welcome us),  and learned that fascinating machines zap metal finishes on faucets using Physical Vapor Deposition technology (my absolute favorite part of the tour).

Photo credit: Brizo | Chez Elza

The PVD Chamber at the DELTA Faucet Company Plant. Incredible technology that bonds thin layers of metal through a rig developed by NASA in 2010. Photo credit: Brizo

Photo Credit: Brizo | Chez Elza

Plating station at the plant. Photo credit: Brizo

What was remarkable was to observe the workers at work: nothing is left to chance. Everything is measured, analyzed, checked by humans and machines, and has to pass inspection.

Photo credit: Brizo | Chez Elza

Gauging at the factory. Photo credit: Brizo

Chez Elza

Assembly inspection of products. Photo credit: Brizo

After the tour, we met with the technology engineers of Brizo and saw a fascinating experiment demonstrating the reliability of capacitive sensing in hands free SMART TOUCH sensing technology. My thoughts? Infra red is out. It just is not reliable enough, as the infra reds’ ability to read movement is affected by things as complex as colors and materials such as glass, which can alter the signal and sometimes obstruct it.

Many fantastic technologies are available to customers now, such as H2O Kinetic Technology (see my past blog post on this) which allows for a unique shower experience.

For a very reasonable cost, you can purchase a shower head equipped with H2O Kinetic Technology and improve the flow and texture of your water immensely. Imagine two garden hoses, with open spouts, being rotated manually as water pours out. Now, imagine these water curves intersecting and crossing each other, and you will have an idea of the power of this technology.

I have installed these at home and was amazed at the difference this technology can make…

Our trip would not have been complete without a good party:

Chez Elza

Boston designers posing for the photo booth: fun fun times! Laft to right: Designers Pamela Copeman, Leslie Fine, behind Leslie is Yvonne Blacker, I’m in front of Yvonne, on my right are Laurie Gorelick and Linda Merrill.

Chez Elza

Partying at the Peabody hotel and the Memphis Blues Club…All photos Barbara Elza Hirsch

Chez Elza

Chez Elza

Chez Elza

Thanks to our host, Brizo, for inviting us to share such fabulous times. I leave you with a sweet touch. What do you get if you cross the Peabody Hotel ‘s mascot with Brizo’s generosity and flair? You get a duck shaped cookie and bubbly delivered to your hotel recoup before the next event.

As we say in French, “C’est la classe”. Translation: It’s a class act :-)



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  1. Who knew visiting a plumbing manufacturing plant would be so engaging?! I, too, was quite impressed with the individual care and overall commitment to quality that we saw behind the scenes. So enjoyed sharing the entire Brizo experience with you, Barbara, from New York to Memphis! xo yvonne

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