Shagreen, Anyone?

Shagreen is such a soft, poetic word to my ears. From the French “chagrin“.  J’ai du chagrin literally means “I am disappointed or saddened” but in a grand, quite serious and dramatic way.

Shagreen is a spotted like, granular leather made from the hide of sharks and sting rays. Used throughout the centuries from Europe to Asia to make small decorative objects, cover sword handles or entire pieces of furniture, shagreen found its glorious expression in the Art Deco Period. Today it is still in use but has recently found a renaissance of sorts in its imitation form : “faux shagreen”.

I am drawn to its mysterious name and aspect, which gives depth and texture to the pieces it covers.

A few current favorites:

Faux Shagreen Trays

Faux shagreen trays- Jayson Home.

Faux shagreen octogonal lamp-Gracious Home

faux shagreen-Oka


Faux shagreen Lantau chest of drawers with real gold leafed handles and base-Oka

Faux Shagreen Box, Small, Charcoal

 Faux shagreen box-West Elm

Grey faux shagreen mirror-Jonathan Charles Furniture

Hope you enjoyed!

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