When Fashion Intersects with Art…

Happy New Year, friends! May  2013 be THE year for you!

I was recently stunned by a few creations I wanted to share here with you.

First, Marit Fugiwara, a simply brilliant textile artist. Her creations are wearable and incredibly crafted:

Here is a photo showing the detailed work on this elaborate dress:

Marit Fugiwara (detail)


Another wonderful creation by Marit Fugiwara, photo courtesy Trendland.com.

Detail of previous dress by artist Marit Fugiwara.

The paper dresses by Annex, pictured below,  would make an extraordinary art statement on your wall, framed in a clear plexiglass or glass shadow boxes.

Annex Paper dresses on hangers. Dresses are 90 centimeters high.

 Hope these inspire you to work and create with passion again this year, whichever your field!

A bientôt!



May your 2013 be Sweet, Merry, Safe and Healthy!


Photo courtesy Pinterest, source unknown.

All my warmest wishes for a wonderful New Year ! May 2013 bring you joy, sweetness, much success and lots of good health! Hoping you all had a meaningful holiday season, whether it was celebrating Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or another tradition.

A l’année prochaine!


Barbara Elza Hirsch