Interiors Magazine? One word: Wow.

I had the pleasure of attending a panel hosted by Interiors Magazine editorial director Michael Wollaeger while at BLOGFEST 2012 . Guests included designer extraordinaire Miles Redd, architectural photography pioneer  Peter Aaron and style editor/blogger Marisa Marcantonio.

Back in my Boston area office,  I opened the June/July issue. My jaw dropped. I turned a few more pages.  No, this was not a dream! One word: Wow.

Reading through this magazine is like reading a beautiful Art book. One needs to savor images slowly, taking regular breaks in the process. The interiors are absolutely breathtaking, and the photographs are pure and transparent, showcasing the rooms perfectly, as if one were standing very still, taking in the space.

Here are five interiors in this issue that struck me as being powerful:

French Interior Designer Pierre Yovanovitch, who used to be a Fashion Design for Pierre Cardin,  created this lovely built in sitting area for a Parisian couple in their 17th arrondissement flat.
Designer Kevin Dumais created a textural, soothing and minimal look for this modern Nashville home. Dumais draws inspiration from the Seventies. I love how the oak library shelves and paneling contrast with the metal fireplace, the mohair sofa and clear coffee table.
Sitting area in the same house by Dumais. I love the blues and pale camels and the interplay between the architectural perspectives in the wall art and the geometric rug.
Capri kitchen by Architect Guilano Andrea Dell’Uva. White lime was applied to the ancient stone walls, creating depth and texture. I love the gigantic cut out of the  black windows against the zippy white and yellow. A brilliant composition.
Candace Cavanaugh designed this glamorous bedroom in San Francisco. The color scheme in this bedroom is very attractive and restful : citrine , black and greys. I like that this bedroom is not too grandiose, and maintains a sense of whimsy (ie: the bathing suit painting, unusual bergère and general textural interest of materials )

And finally, I’d like to post a WOW of my own selection, I’d love to share this gorgeous interior by Windsor Smith, one of my favorite designers:

Windsor Smith Interior. A master of balance, color, shape and texture.

My apologizes for taking mediocre photos of the Interiors Magazine photos: I hope this article entices you to check out their wonderful magazine, which exists in a paper and an online version!

A la prochaine!





Crazy, Vibrant New York : ICFF Finds (Merci, BlogFest 2012)

I dragged my luggage through long corridors, up into the subway, down escalators and carried bulging bags filled with awesome magazines, incredible gifts from BlogFest2012, battled rain and ended walking barefoot in Brooklyn on a particularly pouring evening; I met design celebrity after design celebrity, spoke with amazing people, stuffed my pockets with business cards and toasted many champagne glasses; I met an amazing family owned business (the one and only Kravet), snapped picture after picture, took notes and went to bed at ridiculously late hours, learning about design day in and day out. I came home exhausted but over the moon.

Where in the world did I go????

Two words: Blogfest 2012.

The Kravet Group launched the Blogfest 2012 concept in 2011. It has since become an amazingly popular destination for interior designers and bloggers who blog about design. This year, registration for the event sold out in 4 hours!  Blofest 2012 defines itself in these words : Blogfest is a three day tour designed exclusively for interior design bloggers featuring the industry’s top shelter magazines, A-list design celebrities and breathtaking venues. 

Follow me as I take you along and share highlights of my trip.

When: Monday  May 21st, 2012

First Stop: ICFF -International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Before meeting our Blogfest hosts and friends, we were offered an optional ticket to the ICFF.  I took advantage of this time to take a few photos of interesting items.

Stone Source- screen printed Porcelain tiles in incredible colors and patterns.
Stone Source tiles.

More tiles by the same vendor:

I finally saw the famous Family Chairs by Design House Stockholm  :

Family Chairs

I loved these sculpted bowls from the same vendor:

Ceramic bowls by Design House Stockholm

I really had to stop and admire the lines by Manulation, a Serbian Designer, making  traditional wood carved furniture since 1927, and now also offering a modern line:

Wood furniture by Manulation.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the following work by Asher Israelow:

Spalted Beech Wood Chair by Asher Israelow. Incredibly comfortable and beautiful design. Desk in background is by same designer.
This chair also by Israelow was very comfortable as well and the leather offered a soft contrast next to the wood grain.

And this piece by Wewood, a Portuguese Joinery, made of French oak was superb:

Wewood French oak piece with beautifully crafted drawers would make a nice statement in a room or in an entry foyer. You could put all your keys, mail and small items in it!

Next I gravitated towards wall coverings and fabrics:

Textile Print Designer Julie Kouamo is based in London where she creates wall coverings and fabrics. She likes to create textural patterns mixing old and new dyeing and printing techniques.


Another creation by Julie Kouamo, in which she draws inspiration from printing techniques used in her native Cameroon and mixes them in with photographic elements drawn from nature.
Juju Papers Handmade wallpapers from Portland, Oregon were whimsical and could look fabulous inside a child’s bedroom for example.
Another design by Avery Thatcher of Juju Papers.
Double R Studio eco-friendly wallpapers. Artist Rosa Ruey is inspired by organic shapes and Chinese landscaping painting.

A few close-ups:

Shalimar Pattern.
Viceroy Palace Pattern.

In a very different style, these hand-painted wall coverings by Vahallan Papers were wonderfully textured and imitated metals to a T:

Destiny by Vanhallan Papers.
Urbana by Vanhallan Papers.

This sublime chandelier by Tracy Glover captivated my attention:

Handblown glass Silver lining Chandelier by Tracy Glover.

I am seeing more and more incredible outdoor furniture and fabrics. The following surprised me by their design, which I felt were very accomplished:

Barcelona foozball indoor and outdoor tables. Now, how cool was that?
Close-up view.
Massant outdoor chair.
Another lovely Massant outdoor chair.

Finally, back in the indoor furniture section, I was drawn to these unusual chairs by designer Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen:

Soft, curvy, sturdy and comfortable chairs by Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen. I love that they are so carefully crafted with soft felt like fabrics, available in dark or light grey for the exterior and warm to cool colors for the inner. A thin band of leather piping follows the edges.

What a way to start my Blogfest adventure! Thank you, Kravet and Blogfest, for this opportunity to visit the ICFF before the Blogfest kick-off!

Until next post…part 2 of Blogfest 2012 with fabulous more designs!