Today’s Crush : Pale and Delicate

Today’s a PALE day. Not pale as in bland but rather, pale as in fragile and soft. I just dropped off my eldest to college. The leaves are falling. The delicate beauty of fall foliage is not without a certain sadness, reminiscent of loss, letting go, all things that happen when one sends off their eldest to college. Pale colors stir me. They echo a certain fragility and sense of transparency. How fugitive our world can be, how harsh. I find comfort in pale colors and their evanescent nature. Somehow they offer solace and comfort.


This beautiful bird photograph exemplifies the PALE color scheme. Fragile, refined, nurturing.

Shell Hand Printed Wallpaper

Shell Art Deco inspired handprinted Wallpaper : delicate and perfect.

This beautiful set of nesting tables at Serena + Lily in pale aqua strikes my fancy today

Mughal quatrefoil mirror in pale lilac from Wisteria.

Beautiful Fern block printed fabric by Galbraith and Paul.

Pale and inviting grey armchair by Bernhardt.


Light turquoise turned wood candelabra by Dunes and Duchess.

Hand knotted contemporary rug via Dover Rug and Home.

I hope you enjoyed today’s selections!



Found a Chair for my Amazing Intern!

Well. Maya is here. My life is transformed :-) Having an intern is fantastic. Especially when you luck out and get to mentor someone as nice and helpful as this young lady. Last post, I was about to purchase her desk. I finally found a great chair to pair it with:

West Elm Scoop Back Chair
Maya on the new WEST ELM chair, hard at work sorting paint samples next to a bouquet of lilacs from the garden.

Maya is good at math. She helped me calculate an angle on a very difficult project and I was quite impressed! We are enjoying our work together :-)