DU VERRE, a Hardware Company with Style

One of our Blogtour Sponsors was DUVERRE Hardware, a leader in quality and original design for cabinet hardware based in Canada.

I did not have the pleasure of meeting the owners but examined their website and press information with a lot of interest. I also had a lot of fun participating in a Pinterest contest challenge organized by DU Verre which I won! I cannot wait to receive my prize, an IPAD Mini!

Who knew such creative energy could be put into drawer pulls and knobs? Working with highly respected designers from all aspects of the design world, Du Verre has created unique design-driven collections of knobs and pulls for fine furniture and interiors. The company has raised the bar on innovative hardware design and the sustainable use of materials.

2½Pomegranate Pull by Heinz Pflege for DU VERRE. . Shown in satin nickel.


Forged 3 by Heinz Pfleger for DU VERRE. -Shown in antiqued brass.

Thanks to progressive manufacturing methods, each piece of their die cast hardware is crafted in eco-friendly recycled aluminum that is fully compatible with LEED objectives. Known for originality, sculptural designs, warm textures and beautiful finishes, Du Verre’s hardware collections exude a global elegance and classical silhouette that will appeal to many designers and homeowners. Each piece is finished by hand, making each one truly unique.


Series 3 by Scot Laughton for DU VERRE. Shown in satin nickel.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Gina Lubin, one of the founding partners of Du Verre.

CHEZ ELZA: Gina, what motivated you to start Du Verre?

Gina: “The evolution of Du Verre has been a pretty organic process. My partner and I had a studio/retail design business in Toronto. We were designing furniture and making
custom hardware for our own projects. An opportunity arose for us to try our hand at
production. We leaped at it. And now, thirteen years later it is our sole focus.”

Did you know right away what the company would produce or did you evolve as the company grew?

“We really didn’t know where Du Verre Hardware would take us. But, curiosity and a willingness to try things has been a driving force in our business life.

When you were a child, what did you dream of doing when you grew up?  Are you surprised you grew up to do what you do?

“To be honest, I thought I’d be living in the country somewhere bucolic working as a
sculptor! Well I find myself in the city but creating hardware does have some of that
sculptor fantasy in it. So maybe I’m on my way!”

What is your favorite part of the job? the one that is most dear to you.

“I do like my work. It’s so varied. Du Verre has been my school. We have been
in business for thirty years. Through its many incarnations, I have traveled, met
amazing people, created interesting objects and learned about business, politics and
the world.”

How many years elapse from design thought process to prototype to manufacturing of a pull or knob?

“Sometimes years, sometimes weeks. From the time we decide to put something in
the line, it usually takes about three to six months to get it produced and into stock.”

How do you see the art of pulls and knobs evolving in the next few decades?

“I don’t really know. I suppose the use of new materials and technologies will have animpact. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Can you send me a photo of you with your favorite knob and pull?


One of Gina Lubin”s favorite pull, Arroyo in white. Du Verre.

I had a lot of fun discovering this unique hardware brand. Creative processes are found everywhere. When art meets industrial design, it can mean a perfect marriage! Du Verre is clearly example of this!

A bientôt!

Note: all photos courtesy Du Verre Hardware.

Blogtour NOLA, New Orleans, Me Voilà!

I am cramming. Cramming for a good cause. I am off to New Orleans next week for an exciting week of discovery, design education, socializing and sight seeing.


New Orleans photo via Courtney Price Design

Trying to juggle all clients before my departure plus the organization of my upcoming show house in Maine, with a sick child who ended up staying at home the end of the week after almost breaking his toe and a rush to X-ray Wednesday, I admit I feel wiped out. But this cramming and exhaustion serve a good purpose. It’s 1 AM and I am writing with some news I have to share before I leave!  I have been generously invited to a very special event called Blogtour NOLA, organized by Modenus. Veronika Miller is the founder and CEO of Modenus the leading interior design resource in the US and UK. For the past few years now she has been partnering with sponsors to invite trend setting bloggers and design minded individuals to Blogtour events.

Definition of a Blogtour organized by Modenus: bloggers are invited to scout the world for great design and report back live from the world’s greatest cities and the most recognized design trade shows.

Blogtour NOLA is taking us to KBIS 2013 this month, a Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, which will be held in New Orleans this month. KBIS is a huge industry event which allows industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, learn and discover new products and technologies. I look forward to learning a lot, and adding many new design tricks to my practice! I am particularly interested in new technologies, materials used for surfaces, and plumbing design.

This trip could not be possible without the generous sponsorship of KBIS, The NKBA, Mr. Steam, TOTO USA, Blanco America, Poggenpohl USA, Silestone USA, and Duverre Hardware

I will be writing more about these brands as I discover them firsthand.

I love that Veronika conceives her blog tours as not only opportunities for bloggers to learn a lot about all the latest trends at these trade shows, but also as an opportunity to discover  the culture of the area they are traveling to. In this case, I am really blessed to travel to New Orleans, a city I have never had the pleasure of visiting. I am looking forward to learning about ” the effort to rebuild many parts of the city and hear stories of how people have coped with the emotional and physical devastation in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The mere fact that this is still a topic today, eight years later, made it clear that BlogTour needed to share the latest with its readers” (in Modenus’ own words).

And sharing we will, Veronika!

I could not resist to leave you with a photo of the hotel we will be staying at. My readers know my love for hotel design :-)  !

Photo of a room at the Renaissance Arts Hotel, located in the heart of New Orleans warehouse district.

New Orleans, this Frenchie is ready! Beignets? Oui, avec grand plaisir!