Upgraded Outlets and I Fell in Love…

Boring and clunky outlets? Sad dimmers? Screwy wall switches?

You don’t know what you’re missing if you have not discovered the simple, clean and pure beauty of the adorne Collection by Legrand.

Being French-American, I am proud to share Legrand is a French company. Oui, oui, j’en suis fière! As the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand does over half its business in the commercial and industrial sectors. In line with underlying global trends, Legrand continues to build its positions in promising markets. Fascinating fact: they have been around for over a century!

I never thought I’d get excited with electrical hardware, but then again,never thought I’d drool over plumbing fixtures either :-) There is a magnificent world of industrial design out there, and adorne is clearly part of that savvy membership. I am totally, totally won over.

Here’s why:

They are pretty. They make sense. They don’t catch the eye in a bad way. They look sleek and can be made to complement your design or decor. They are easy to wipe down.

Here are some before and after pics from my home :

Elza B. Design | Chez ElzaElza B. Design | Chez Elzaabove, depressing switches and fan light nightmare.

Below, clean and organized wall plates, dimmers and switches.Elza B. Design | Chez ElzaElza B. Design | Chez ElzaScrewy plate below, and then after!Elza B. Design | Chez Elza Elza B. Design | Chez ElzaElza B. Design | Chez ElzaI selected sleek lacquered white but you can use colored plates as well and more complex switches and outlets.

Here a few examples:


Lacquered Plum 1 gang plate with magnesium switch.


French Oak, 1 gang plate


The Wave switch features innovative technology combined with sleek, contemporary design. Simply wave your hand in front of the switch to turn lights on and off.

Pop-Out Outlet

The adorne Pop-Out Outlet lets you hide an outlet when not in use. Simply push on the outlet and it disappears into the wall.

Watch the adorne Pop-Out Outlet in action.

But wait, there’s more! I really love the below cabinetry outlets (great for reading recipes on your I PAD!) and other kitchen lighting and switch solutions:

A fresh idea for light cooking

Click on image above for a video on adorne.

Finally, I would not be doing this brand justice if I didn’t mention all the whole house technologies available, such as whole house lighting or intercom solutions.

adorne interior intercom unit

The adorne interior intercom unit (see image above) works in tandem with one exterior video doorbell camera to see who’s at the front door from multiple locations in your home.

I want to thank adorne for coming up with this great product and introducing me to it. Love you guys! Special thanks to Phoebe who was super helpful with assisting me in my selections…