Oh, the Bliss of Vacation!

I know, I know, I disappeared for a bit.

We should all do that once in a while!

I took some time off with my family and went to the Berkshires. I turned off Twitter, Facebook, disconnected myself from work including designing and blogging. I had a lovely time. Picked raspberries on a farm (we were instructed to bark here and there to ward off bears, seriously). Ate outside every day. Watched the sunset. Went to a 4th of July parade. Gobbled ice cream with my children. And, yes, went antiquing with my mom in delicious little spots where you need to carefully sift for treasures.

I thought I’d share a few interesting photos of Sweets and Beans, a most wonderful confiserie/ice cream shop/expresso bar I found in Williamstown, MA :

Williamstown, MA New Venue: Sweets and Beans

They offer great design and sweets all in one. I loved their hazelnut ice cream and the seating was relaxed and inviting to both adults and kiddos.

Magnificent ice cream flavors and colors at Sweets and Beans.
Smart summer seating at Sweets and Beans.
Cool ceiling fixture and assorted candy hanging from ceiling at sweets and Beans.


Candy lover’s delight.
Jars and jars of tantalizing candy at Sweets and Beans.

While antiquing, I fell in love with this 60s Madmen set of luncheon matching cups and plates:

In the 60s, you would drink and eat from these standing up, a little circular ridge on the plate holds the plate.
A close-up of their design. I passed on these. I took them home. They make great breakfast plates and tea cups!

Just for the fun, had to take a photo of these:

Collection of parfumerie and soap accessories and containers.

The night before we left, the sky was as festive as can be:

Breathtaking sky. Photo by my son, Julien Herpers.

I came back to find my collection cherished hemerocallis had bloomed. A treat….

I hope all of you get to take a few days off this summer :-)

A bientôt!




Okay, I love WEST ELM. I promise I was not paid to say this! But it’s a fact. This most interesting company is growing at a very fast pace, introducing (still) affordable lines and great accessories, showcasing artists and designers, florists and other talented creators. I drove to Boston the other day to pick up some furniture at the West Elm Store on Brookline Avenue. A lovely sunny day, and a wonderfully styled store with such friendly customer service!

I met the very talented Becca Olcott, owner and florist at PETAL FLORAL DESIGN, presenting her wonderful bohemian floral creations at the WEST ELM Pop-Up Flower Shop. Now, what is that, you ask?! Fresh flowers and arrangement advice from a West Elm favorite local florist are offered on a few Saturdays in a few cities in the nation. A flower shop is literally set up temporarily for the day, as shoppers browse and stop to purchase flower arrangements or simply take in the beautiful selections.

WEST ELM Pop Up Flower Shop in Boston, MA with Petal Floral Design
Becca Olcott, owner of Petal Flower Design, at the West Elm store in Boston, MA
Becca Olcott from Petal Floral Design, and one of her amazing floral creations at West Elm Pop Up Floral Shop


Bouquet by Becca Olcott, Owner of Petal Floral Design, prepared for West Elm Pop-Up Flower Event

I am sure you will agree Becca’s creations are simply superb. I love that they don’t appear rigid and uptight but, rather, offer a relaxed yet subtle and refined assemblage. Becca Olcott specializes in weddings and social events in the new England Area.

On another note, here are a few photos of the superb styling I encountered at this West Elm location:

West Elm Pillow arrangement in soft grays and yellows.
Ash, Salesperson at Boston West Elm, demonstrating how comfortable the sofa is! Ash was very helpful with my purchases that day.


I particularly enjoyed the selection of white vases, containers, candlestick holders:

Collection of glass and ceramic containers at West Elm.
Colorful Napkins at West Elm.
Napkin holders. West Elm.

And finally, I thought this little CURIO table lamp was a smashing idea: The glass “cloche” allows you to display whatever strikes your fancy!

Curio Lamp by West Elm


Next post, I will share an article on lovely fabric prints I found at the Boston Design Center recently. Have a grand weekend!