Travels to the Famous Brimfield Show (A Neophyte’s Telling) – Part 3

And here is the final chapter of my adventure at Brimfield, which I better post today as I have tons of news to share with you next, from my latest trip to New York, where I attended the Blogfest 2012 event.

Pandora de Balthazár offered a gigantic tent, with a beautiful display of European Antique bedding and textiles, body creams, as well as fluffy Hungarian down filled pillows and inviting bedding. Here are a few snapshots:

Pandora de Balthazar Linens and pillows.
Embroidered pillows at Pandora de Balthazar.
Gilded antique chair and embroidery in front of lace curtain.

Some items for sale at Brimfield could be found positioned randomly on tables and sheets spread out on the grass. However, some vignettes could be truly inspiring and it boiled down to presentation. Nicely displayed items make a world’s difference:

Now, for the big question: Did I purchase anything???? Yes, I did! I fell in love with these botanical prints :

And this 1810 Carl Linnaeus Illustration of corals just had to come home with me :-)