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barbara1075new_loBarbara Elza Hirsch is an Award Winning  Interior Designer based in the Boston, MA area. Barbara (or Elza) believes in eclectic design: variety in texture, colors styles and eras make for design with a bang! Inspiration is everywhere! Barbara is also a guest contributor on Houzz.com where she curates a selection of items on a monthly basis. A sought-after influencer on the social media interior design platform, she often travels to shows and design bloggers’ events, participating in tours like #BrizoFW or #Blogfest.



We hope you will enjoy little tidbits about what inspires Barbara here.

French is this blogger’s mother tongue. Barbara tries to visit her home country as often as possible. “Chez Elza” is French for “At Elza’s.” “Chez” followed by the name of the owner is often used for naming restaurants or cafés in France. It is also used for one’s home, as in “chez moi.” We hope this blog will feel comfortable and inviting to you, like a home would!

In no particular order, Barbara loves design of all sorts, has 2 wonderful boys, enjoys visiting museums, painting, gardening madly when the weather allows it, cooking tarte Tatin for her friends and family, watching her cat be a cat, tweeting, and, simply, curling up with a great book on a rainy day.

Enjoy our blog!

10 thoughts on “About “Chez Elza”

  1. Hi Chez Elza, really enjoying you’re Blog! Great post and interview with Galbraith & Paul!,…good timing too because I have an inquiring interest in textile design and printing. I am an artist and have recently re-discovered the joy of hand-pulled printmaking ( in my case, monotypes),
    Inspiring words from Liz Galbraith! Thank-you for your informative and enthusiastic post!

  2. Hi Barbara,

    My name is Phil Roberts. I’m the creative director of sixty7 Architecture Road, a site about Canadian Architecture, architectural firms, the built environment and projects across the globe designed by Canadian architects.

    Would you be interested in participating in a Q+A about the role women can play in helping to shape the built environment? As professors, architects, community leaders, politicians and other professionals, what are the ways that women should and could get more involved in the act of creating space.

    The way this would work is that we will ask 3 other professionals from various professional backgrounds, from various regions, the same question and post the responses on our site, with a short bio of who you are, what you do and a link for people to check out your blog.

    Obviously, architecture is not your background, but that’s the point. We want to see what other people outside the profession of architecture have to say about certain issues that touch their lives, like the built environment and the buildings they occupy. Would this interest you?

    Best regards,

    Phil Roberts, Creative Director

  3. Hi Elza,

    On your site I observed an image of several pressed botanical specimens that appear to be in a retail shop environment. We are looking to purchase a collections of pressed botanicals preferably an antique collection but would consider a unique new collection. Can you assist or advise us where to pursue.

    Please preview our website as have recently launched the importation of the Kew Royal Garden pottery line for the terrace & garden and for a tabletop accessory and home decor.

    Thanks so much,

    Steve Goggin
    Botanical Collections

  4. Hi Barbara,

    I was wondering if I can use your nice shot of Andy Levin for when I do my presentations. Andy was instrumental in helping me get some work published and I talk about him in my workshop. It’s not for printing, just for projecting during my workshop. Thanks, Steve S.

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