ABC Home and its Little Culinary Jewel

While visiting with my sisters in New York, I had the wonderful opportunity of having lunch at ABC Kitchen, situated in the ABC Home building. A charming and vast room, with a gloriously high ceiling held by visible (thank you!) wood beams, white brick walls, the restaurant is simply a feast for the eyes and mouth. Created by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and dining mogul Phil Suarez, the restaurant offers a locally grown and organic cuisine of the finest quality. The construction of the restaurant is made of recycled and sustainable materials and decorated with an array of tastefully designed items such as: a medley of softly lit chandeliers, comfy white steelwood chairs, handmade porcelain dinnerware by local artisan Jan Burtz, recycled and pleasantly shabby-chic European porcelain plates.

ABC Kitchen softly lit seating area.

Some of my favorites dishes included the Roasted beets with house-made yogurt, the Spinach, goat cheese and herbs pizza, and the Gazpacho with watermelon and tomatoes:

ABC Kitchen Gazpacho soup served in a Jan Burtz bowl.

The service was impeccable. Young and friendly servers popped in and out of the kitchen at lightning speed, yet managing to seem unrushed,  gracefully depositing plate after plate on tables. My sister is friendly with one of the sous-chefs there, the talented Ross Mendoza, and we thrilled to have a quick chat with him after our meal.

One word: Dessert. Please, please indulge. The toasted almond Panna Cotta is SUBLIME.

Now, on to the store itself. Meandering in the ABC Home aisles I found myself having to take deep, calming breaths. Thoughts going through my head : How can I check out all these beautiful offerings in just under two hours?? Remind me why don’t I live in New York again?! This place truly feels like a museum exhibit!

A few eye-catching sightings:

Handmade Italian dinnerware at ABC Home.
More Italian handmade tableware at ABC Home.
Stunning arrangement of containers and stones on a back lit surface. ABC Home.
ABC Home has a love affair with lights. And it shows…


Lovely geometric pendant at ABC Home.


Paper bubble pendant at ABC Home.
Stunning Murano Glass chandelier with a painted iron chandelier in the background.
Blu Dot Floor Lamp with red cord at ABC Home.

Textiles and pillows abound. I particularly enjoyed these indigo items:

Indigo Blue Pillows.


Indigo Blue blankets and textiles.
Intricate patterned blue pillow by Eskayel.

I loved how the pillows and blankets were organized by color hues:

Superb pillow and blankets arranged on a shelf at ABC Home.

There were many other fascinating floors are items but I just cannot cover all. Make sure to check the Raw section (a space dedicated to industrial vintage finds), the Cobble Hill furniture line:

Cobble Hill furniture upstairs at ABC Home.

And take the time to check out spaces with quietly gorgeous pieces such as above the restaurant, if you go up that staircase, you can find cream and wood and metal sculptural beauties such as:

Jaw dropping imposing French fountain at ABC Home (I would estimate it measured about 4 feet in diameter).

Dashing across the street to the ABC Home Rug building, 10 minutes before closing, I was able to take a glimpse at one of my favorite rug designer, the great Madeline Weinrib:

Madeline Weinrib cotton flatweave rugs.

Voilà, my friends! Hope you enjoyed my tour. Clearly, I shall have to visit ABC Home again very soon.

Oh, the Bliss of Vacation!

I know, I know, I disappeared for a bit.

We should all do that once in a while!

I took some time off with my family and went to the Berkshires. I turned off Twitter, Facebook, disconnected myself from work including designing and blogging. I had a lovely time. Picked raspberries on a farm (we were instructed to bark here and there to ward off bears, seriously). Ate outside every day. Watched the sunset. Went to a 4th of July parade. Gobbled ice cream with my children. And, yes, went antiquing with my mom in delicious little spots where you need to carefully sift for treasures.

I thought I’d share a few interesting photos of Sweets and Beans, a most wonderful confiserie/ice cream shop/expresso bar I found in Williamstown, MA :

Williamstown, MA New Venue: Sweets and Beans

They offer great design and sweets all in one. I loved their hazelnut ice cream and the seating was relaxed and inviting to both adults and kiddos.

Magnificent ice cream flavors and colors at Sweets and Beans.
Smart summer seating at Sweets and Beans.
Cool ceiling fixture and assorted candy hanging from ceiling at sweets and Beans.


Candy lover’s delight.
Jars and jars of tantalizing candy at Sweets and Beans.

While antiquing, I fell in love with this 60s Madmen set of luncheon matching cups and plates:

In the 60s, you would drink and eat from these standing up, a little circular ridge on the plate holds the plate.
A close-up of their design. I passed on these. I took them home. They make great breakfast plates and tea cups!

Just for the fun, had to take a photo of these:

Collection of parfumerie and soap accessories and containers.

The night before we left, the sky was as festive as can be:

Breathtaking sky. Photo by my son, Julien Herpers.

I came back to find my collection cherished hemerocallis had bloomed. A treat….

I hope all of you get to take a few days off this summer :-)

A bientôt!